If you are looking for a Knoxville mattress store that is a cut above the rest, look no further than Bed’r Mattress, where you will find we are anything but average. Give us a chance to help you find the best brand new mattress to meet your needs. We believe our “Sleep Experts” — better known as our sales team — have the knowledge and the skill needed to help you find the perfect bed.

Our Sleep Experts Will Help You Choose a Brand New Mattress

If you are like most of our customers who come in the door of our Knoxville mattress store, you probably don’t know much about how to buy a brand new mattress. That’s okay, because every member of our sales team spends countless hours learning everything there is to know about mattress construction.

They can talk for hours about the benefits of memory foam or how pocketed coils are better for those who sleep in certain positions. They can regale you with tales of how the latest in cooling mattresses can help those with hypothyroidism enjoy a cool night’s sleep on those nights when they feel like they are burning up.

Do you suffer from snoring sleeplessness? By this, we mean does your significant other sound like a freight train rumbling past your window all night? Maybe the sound is more like a buzz saw that just keeps revving up and down all night? Our sales team will ask you a series of very carefully developed questions designed to help them find the perfect bed for you. For snoring sleeplessness, we carry a great selection of hybrid beds that let you tilt the head of the bed up to help put an end to the snoring.

We Put You First

At no time do we ever consider making a sale more important than our customers. To us, our customers are our “raison d’etre,” or our reason for being. Without our customers, we will cease to be your #1 Knoxville mattress store. But, we work hard every day to find new and better ways to take care of our customers. In fact, we have gone so far as to design our own custom line of Bed’r Mattress mattresses based on our extensive knowledge in building mattresses. In addition, we also carry a great selection of bedroom suite furniture, so you don’t have to make multiple trips to different stores to upgrade your bedroom. Get your new mattress, dressers, and nightstands all in one place!

Unlike just about any other Knoxville mattress store, we believe in one thing. This is to do our best to ensure we have the right brand new mattress to suit the sleeping needs of our customers. So, whether this is your first new mattress or your tenth, if you want the best Knoxville mattress store, why not come in and see the “Sleep Experts” at Bed’r Mattress.

We are so sure we have the right bed for you that we offer a 100-night “test drive.” If at any time during the first 100 nights you decide you are not happy with your mattress choice, we will happily trade it for another one in our stores. Come on in and see what all the fuss is about and start sleeping better tonight!