If you are looking for a gift that keeps on giving for your sweetheart, you might want to sleep on it before you make a final decision. Okay, so that’s a bad pun, but in reality, what we are trying to say is that you could be sleeping on a great gift idea without even realizing it. What are we talking about? That lumpy, saggy old mattress that both of you have been complaining about for months. It might just be time for you to buy a new mattress in Knoxville before someone moves to the couch.

When Did You Last Get a Good Night’s Sleep?

Can you remember the last time you got a good night’s sleep? If not, it sounds like it has been far too long. And if you aren’t sleeping well at night, it’s a safe bet your partner isn’t either. But who would think to buy a new mattress for their significant other as a Christmas gift? Only someone who is totally tuned into his or her needs and is ready to do what it takes to ensure they get a good night’s sleep, every night.

One way to do this is to visit the Bed’r Mattress store in Knoxville and let us help you find the perfect mattress for you and your significant other. Once you arrive in our Knoxville mattress store, one of our sleep experts will work with you to help you choose a mattress. Please don’t be offended when your salesperson begins asking some somewhat personal questions about you, your spouse, and your sleeping habits. They will also ask you about any medical conditions you or your partner might have.

The idea behind all of this is to make it possible for your sleep expert to build a sleep profile for both of you. Once complete, they will be able to direct you towards the best brands and styles of mattresses to meet your profiles. At Bed’r Mattress Knoxville, we take pride in being able to find a mattress to fit everyone who comes through our doors.

We Can Deliver Just in Time

While we do our best to deliver every mattress purchased within 2 to 3 days, the holidays tend to be very busy, even in your local Bed’r Mattress store in Knoxville. The sooner you come in and see us, the more likely it will be for you to be able to choose the day you want your mattress delivered. Although we can’t play Santa and deliver your new mattress from Bed’r Mattress Knoxville on Christmas Eve, you can choose a date close to the 25th, if you prefer, so you won’t have to try to hide it from your spouse for very long.


This year, give your spouse a gift they will thank you for every day for years to come as they wake up every morning feeling well-rested and pain-free. Visit our Knoxville mattress store for great December deals on Stearns and Foster mattresses.