Has the time finally arrived that you have started sleeping on the couch rather than spend another night in your current bed? When you feel like your backside is hitting the floor and you have to twist yourself around the lumps, it’s time for you to come into our Knoxville mattress store and talk to us about buying a mattress. “But we can’t afford a new mattress!” We hear that frequently from our customers, and we know how hard it can be to come up with the money needed to replace your bed, but we have several options to fit all budgets, and we offer affordable financing.

Let Us Help You Have Sweet Dreams

No one here wants to see a customer go elsewhere because they think that “cheap” is all they can afford when buying a mattress. It’s easy to think you are saving money by purchasing a “budget” mattress from one of the closest discount mattress warehouses. Let’s take a look at this: Your cost at a discount mattress store was $399 (for a queen), it feels great to have a new bed, and look at how much you saved!

Six months or maybe even a year later, that wonderful discount mattress now has lumps in all the familiar places; everything is sagging towards the floor again and guess what? Time to head to a Knoxville mattress store again. Any money you saved buying the first mattress just went out the window.  

You Get What You Pay For

If the average cheap mattress lasts for a year or even two before you have to replace it again — even if it stayed at the same price in the eight to ten years that a top-quality mattress from a brand such as Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Biltmore, or Scott Living would last — your investment would be $800 to $1,000. But really, you can count on prices going up over the same period of time. Why not just invest in a top-quality mattress and forego switching out your mattress every two years?

We know that many of our customers are on a tight budget, and we offer a full range of top-quality mattresses to fit most budgets. But we go one step further in helping you to get the mattress you need. In order to accomplish this, we have partnered with Okinus to provide our customers with access to financing.

Financing Made Easy

Okinus makes financing easy with an online application process that takes less than ten minutes to complete and requires only your necessary identification information, that you be 18 or older, you have a verifiable income of $1,200/month (gross), and that you have a bank account where you can set up automated payments. Okinus offers credit to everyone, including those with damaged credit.

Okinus offers loans of up to $10,000 to help make buying a mattress and any other furniture you might need easy. Here at Bed’r Mattress, your Knoxville mattress store, we believe everyone has a right to a good night’s sleep. Take a few minutes now to complete your online finance application, then visit your nearby Bed’r Mattress and start sleeping better as early as tonight.