It seems like you can buy just about anything online, including a new mattress. But should you buy a new mattress online, sight unseen? There are many differing opinions on the topic, many of which seem to indicate you should spend some time physically in your local mattress stores in Knoxville before you invest your money. Keep in mind that buying a new mattress represents a significant financial investment and an investment in your sleep and health. Making a mistake can cost you many nights of lost sleep.

Buying Online Is One Way to Go

There are several mattress companies who restrict their sales to online only. They believe that by offering low priced mattresses online, they can capture your business. But if you buy a new mattress online, you are buying a mattress you have neither seen nor “test driven.” Think of it like this: would you go online and buy a car sight unseen and without taking it for a test drive? If you are like most people, you probably wouldn’t.

So, with this in mind, why wouldn’t you come into one of the Bed’r Mattress stores in Knoxville when the time comes to replace your lumpy old mattress? Like most things you buy, from a pair of pants to a pair of shoes, the only way to be sure that a new mattress “fits” you is to try it out first.

We Believe In the “Try Before You Buy” Method of Shopping

Here at the Bed’r Mattress stores in Knoxville, we invite you to come in and “try before you buy” — try out mattresses from brands such as Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Tempur-Pedic, Scott Living, Biltmore, and of course, our Bed’r Mattress brand. Sure, you can find most of these brands online as well, and maybe at a better price, before shipping charges are applied. But after shipping charges (and the possibility of you not liking your new mattress and having to ship it back), your low price may not be such a good deal after all.

Certainly, you can use the internet to research the different brands and styles of mattresses out there; the internet is filled with tons of valuable advice about how to buy a new mattress. But sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. If you are not careful, the wealth of information on the web can become overwhelming and leave you more confused than you were when you started.

At Bed’r Mattress, our sleep experts will work with you for as long as it takes. They have all been trained in important subjects such as mattress design and construction, sleep technology, and human anatomy. We believe that the more educated our sales team is, the better they will be able to help you find the perfect mattress. You can’t do this online; all you have is page after page of mattresses with enticing prices. While some sites might offer a 90-day return policy, you are responsible for wrapping and packing the mattress and, in many instances, paying for the cost of shipping it back.

On top of this, the company you buy from will most likely want to receive your current mattress back in stock before they send you a replacement. When you buy your mattress from Bed’r Mattress, we offer a 100-night sleep guarantee, and we will bring your new mattress to your home at the same time we haul the other one away for no extra fees. These are the (great!) reasons why you should avoid buying a mattress online and visit your friendly local Bed’r Mattress store in Knoxville.