Buying a new mattress for you and your love to sleep on is not as simple as walking into the nearest Knoxville mattress store and purchasing the first bed big enough for the two of you. There are many things you and your loved one need to discuss before you arrive in our mattress store and even more that needs to be discussed with your sleep expert once you come through our doors.

Mattress Type

Back in the “good ole days,” mattresses came in three styles: soft, medium, and firm. They were all innerspring mattresses and came with box springs. Today, this is not the case as brands like Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Tempur-Pedic, Biltmore, and Scott Living offer a range of mattress types including innerspring, memory foam, gel cooled, hybrids, and air-filled.

But, while you both might have your own ideas about buying a new mattress, you should come to our Knoxville mattress store and “test drive” each of the different types before you rule any of them out. Each has their good and not-so-good points.

Level of Support

Very few couples require the exact type and amount of support to sleep comfortably and wake without any aches and pains. Having said this, most couples can come to an agreement that provides at least a balanced approach. Your sleep expert will ask a series of questions to help determine the best level and type of support for both of you. This will also help guide him or her towards the right “type” of mattress for you both.

Speaking of types, each of the different forms of mattress construction offers different levels of support and can be better for one person’s sleep needs in comparison to another. For example, if you or your loved one is a restless sleeper, a memory foam or hybrid mattress might be a better choice as they conform to your body’s shape and help hold you in place. If one of you is a “hot” sleeper, a gel core memory foam mattress might be a better choice as the gel core and open cell construction help keep the temperature between the sheets more well-regulated.

Size is Important, Too

We all know that two people don’t fit on a single or even a super-single size mattress very well. But it can be tempting to try and save money buying a new mattress that is smaller than you really need. This is certain recipe for disaster. Even if you go to sleep tangled together, you probably won’t stay that way all night long. If you buy a mattress that doesn’t have enough room for both of you to move around in your sleep, you are not likely to get much in the way of good sleep every night.

If this seems like a lot to go through to buy the perfect mattress for you and your love, keep in mind that not only are you investing your money, but you are also making an investment in your sleep. Visit the Bed’r Mattress Knoxville mattress store and let our highly skilled sleep experts help you and your loved one find the one mattress that fits you both and ensures you both enjoy great sleep!