One of the biggest reasons so many people end up unhappy after buying a mattress from the average mattress store in Knoxville, is they succumb to the myths that continue to live on regarding what to look for in their search for a new bed. With a bed being something most people only buy every few years, it can be very easy to follow the misleading information out there and end up getting the wrong mattress for your needs. Our Sleep Experts are here to help you wade through the myths, and we guarantee you will sleep better. Here are three of the most common “facts” that are actually nothing but fiction.

They’re All the Same

Saying all mattresses are the same is something akin to saying all cars are the same. The difference is that while most mattresses look similar on the outside, they are entirely different on the inside. One of the first steps in buying a mattress is to understand that different materials and construction methods are used to create the right support for a variety of sleep needs and desires.

At the same time, the various designs and materials used by manufacturers like Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Scott Living, Tempur-Pedic, and Bed’r Mattress that we carry in our mattress store also provide varying levels of comfort. The right choice is based on how you sleep, what position you sleep in and any specific issues you might have such as restless legs or snoring.

You Must Have a Box Spring

Once upon a time in a galaxy far away from here, everyone seemed to decide that the only way a bed was complete was if it had both a mattress and a box spring. Truth be told, for decades it took having a good box spring under the mattress to come close to providing comfortable support. However, thanks to significant advances in mattress technology, design, and the materials being used in the construction, you no longer need a box spring, in most cases, a simple platform that lifts the mattress off the floor is all you need.

You Need a Firm Mattress for Your Bad Back

The idea that you must use a firm mattress because you have a bad back is about as out of date as the man-bun. While a firm mattress might work well for some with back problems, it isn’t going to work for everyone. We recommend you visit our mattress store in Knoxville and let out sleep experts work with you to find the best possible mattress to fit your sleep needs, issues, and preferences.

For more information on buying a mattress the right way, we invite you to come in and speak to our Sleep Experts at your local Bed’r Mattress store. They are here to cut through the myths, teach you the right way shop for your mattress and help you find the one that fits your needs perfectly. We are so sure we can find the right mattress for you that we guarantee it, ask your salesperson for details on our 100-night sleep guarantee.