If you are in our Knoxville mattress store looking at the different types of mattresses, one that our salespeople may talk to about is the hybrid mattress. It seems like the term hybrid is getting thrown around a lot today — hybrid cars, hybrid solar power, and now hybrid mattresses. But today we are going to focus on beds as this is our specialty.

In reality, most of the different types of mattresses we carry in our Knoxville mattress store do in fact qualify as a hybrid to a certain extent. Essentially a hybrid mattress is one that is made from several materials. For example, an innerspring mattress may have multiple materials used to create the “comfort” layer on the top.  

The Layers in Today’s Hybrid Mattress

The Base – the base of most hybrid mattresses is typically made from dense polyurethane foam to provide the stability needed to support the rest of the mattress. In most mattresses, this layer is one-inch thick.     

The Coils – the coils are what gives the mattress it’s overall height. Typically, the coils measure from 6 to 7 inches tall. They sit in pockets that create a firm overall structure and depending on the number of coils and the gauge of the wire used in their products offer a range of support from soft to firm.

The Comfort Layer – this layer can be memory foam, latex foam, and in some cases a blend of both. How this blend is created depends for the most part on which brand of mattress you choose based on what feels best to you.

The Pillow Top Layer – not all types of mattresses use this layer, but you will find most of the brands like Sealy, Stearns & Fosters, Biltmore, and Bed’r Mattress do add this layer to their mattresses. This layer can be made from wool, latex, memory foam, cotton, many other materials.


Other Important Factors to Consider When Buying A Hybrid Mattress

Foam Density – the higher the density of the foam, the more weight it can handle before it starts to lose its shape and ability to provide the required support. Mattress manufacturers have found that using a premium foam may provide the best level of support and overall body contour, but at the same time, it takes too long for it to return to its original shape. In light of this most premium manufacturers use a medium density foam that provides the best possible combination of both.

Spring Wire Gauge – the gauge of the wire used to create the coils plays a huge role in the support they provide. Thicker gauge wires (smaller number) provide more support than thinner gauge wire (bigger number).

Number of Coils – fewer coils mean a mattress that will not continue to provide the correct level of support over the long haul, the support will fade over a short period of time. Brands like Sealy use 1,000 coils in their mattresses. There is no point in going any higher as it will not affect the lifespan of the mattress any further.

When you come into the Bed’r Mattress Knoxville mattress store to look at the different types of mattresses, we carry, be sure to talk to your sleep expert and have them go over advantages and disadvantages of hybrid mattresses and then help you find the best mattress to fit your needs. Come in today and start sleeping better as early as tonight!