If you haven’t visited your local mattress store in Knoxville recently, you might be in for a bit of a surprise as there is far more to buying a mattress than you might think. Where once the only type of bed in any store was the same innerspring mattress your parents and quite probably your grandparents slept on, mattress technology has made significant advances over the past few decades. Consider these technologies as you search for a new bed.

Memory Foam

Companies like Tempur-Pedic offers bed made of memory foam that contours to your body while you sleep. They can help restless sleepers stay in place and sleep better, provide excellent support for those who sleep on their side, and with the newest advances in memory foam materials and construction help you to sleep cooler.

Gel Mattresses

In most gel mattresses, the layer of gel is built into a foam (memory foam) mattress in the support layer or just below the upholstery layer (the one you can see). The gel not only offers a different feel to the mattress but help to dissipate the heat that makes sleeping difficult, even on the coldest nights.

Innerspring Mattresses

Also referred to as coil mattresses (similar to grandma’s), innerspring mattresses in today’s mattress store in Knoxville bear only a vague resemblance to those from decades ago. These mattresses use a series of metal coil springs connected inside of a metal framework. Whether you buy an innerspring mattress from Sealy or Stearns & Foster, the amount of support is determined by the number of coils and how they are distributed within the framework. The gauge of wire used to craft the coils also plays a significant role in the amount of support provided.

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are made from either natural or synthetic latex foam as opposed to memory foam. At Bed’r Mattress our latex mattresses from companies like Biltmore use AlumiLast® Talalay foam for its comfort, durability, and that it sleeps cooler than memory foam. Latex mattresses can be purchased with different levels of firmness, perfect for those who like to sleep on their backs, sides, or stomachs.

Air Mattresses

These air mattresses are similar to those most of us use to go camping. They feature chambers that are filled with air as the primary means of support. The top of the mattress has a foam of upholstered layer for you to sleep on. Most feature some form of electric air pump that allows you to adjust the level of support, some are divided in half so each person can choose their own firmness. This makes them a good choice for couples who prefer different levels of firmness and those who like to sleep on their backs.

If you have been thinking about buying a mattress, the best place to start is the Bed’r Mattress store in Knoxville, where our highly trained and friendly “Sleep Experts” will explain the differences between the various technologies and help you find the perfect mattress. One that will give you the best sleep you’ve had in a very long time and will keep doing so for many years.