In today’s global economy so much of what we buy is made in another part of the world. And while this can be a good thing in many ways, the number of industries that have chosen to move out of the country has had a significant impact on many local economies as jobs have moved along with the companies. Here at Bed’r Mattress, we are proud to include our private label line of mattresses made right here in Tennessee by a team of experts who still carry on the tradition of local craftsmanship that helped make our country what it is today.

Why Do We Use Local Manufacturing?

While we sell brands like Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Tempur-Pedic, and more in our Knoxville mattress store, we are proud to have a mattress manufacturing facility here in Tennessee. You see, we still believe in the importance of supporting local craftsmanship for many reasons. Maybe the most important of which is knowing that we can guarantee the quality of every mattress, we sell in our stores.

Along with this, we believe in helping to provide jobs for our neighbors. In helping our neighbors stay employed, we are doing more to help our local economy. To us it’s simple logic; if you keep people employed locally, they are better able to support themselves and their family. Plus, they spend most of their money in local businesses, which goes a long way towards helping to keep the area around us thriving.

Within the Confines of the Bed’r Mattress Facility

At Bed’r Mattress we believe there is nothing more important than supporting local craftsmanship and those who are skilled in the many phases of manufacturing mattresses. The goal of every member of the team is simple, to craft the best product possible from start to finish. Unlike mass-produced bedding that is built from start to finish by machines, we believe in the skills local craftsman have to offer, many of whom have been crafting mattresses for many years.

The entire lineup of mattresses that carry the Bed’r Mattress name on the label is still handcrafted in much the same way as the best mattresses have always been. But we don’t just support our local manufacturers, over the years we worked hard to establish a close relationship with each of them. By getting to know not just the salespeople and management, but also the entire team of craftsman at each facility along with their families, we believe they work that much harder to deliver a quality product.

New Ideas

If there is anyone qualified to develop new technology and come up with new ideas, it is the people who are down on the floor crafting our mattresses. Which is another reason why we believe in local craftsmanship, true innovation comes from within just as much as it does from a computerized drawing board. Join Bed’r Mattress in celebrating local craftsmanship by visiting our Knoxville mattress store and going home with one of our locally made mattresses and start enjoying “Bed’r” sleep today!