Have you heard of beds that raise up and down? An adjustable base is what everyone is talking about! Wondering if one might be right for you? Let us help! We’ll tell you the top 5 benefits our customers have seen by using an adjustable base from our mattress store in Knoxville, TN.

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Lessen Aches & Pains

With an adjustable base you are in control at the touch of a button! The freedom to easily change positions during the night may help alleviate common aches and pains.

Reading & Watching TV

If you like to read in bed or wind down from a busy day while watching tv, an adjustable base is perfect for you! You can prop up your head, your feet, or both! You have the power, literally!

Personalizing Sleep

You can adjust your sleep position easily with the wireless remote and with minimal disruption to your partner. In fact, in a split King set up, you each have your own mattress and your own adjustable base!

Health Benefits

People who deal with nighttime allergies or conditions like acid reflux may benefit from a slight incline at night.


If you could turn off your partners snoring would you? Most adjustable bases come with a preset of “anti-snore” which can be a great way to stop snoring at night.

More questions? Just ask! We love helping people sleep bed’r! Email us at info@bedrmattress.com!