When you finally reach the point where you can’t take another night of sleeping on your current mattress, it’s time for you to visit the best mattress store in Knoxville, the Bed’r Mattress store. We are not just any Knoxville mattress store; our store is staffed by a team of sleep experts who are here to help you find the perfect mattress from our selection of top brand name manufacturers.

Our No-Hassle Policy

If there is one thing no one wants to deal with whether they are visiting the best mattress store in Knoxville or the worst, it has to be high-pressure salespeople who know less than you do about the products they are selling. Here at Bed’r Mattress, every member of our sales team has undergone significant training on the brands we carry, including Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Scott Living, Biltmore, Tempur-Pedic, and our Bed’r Mattress brand.

We do this to ensure that no matter what questions you might have regarding mattress construction and “sleepability,” our “Sleep Experts” have the answer. There is far more to modern mattress construction than the coil spring mattress your parents once slept on. From pocketed innerspring to hybrid latex/gel/foam combination mattresses, we carry a great selection.

Our goal, when you walk into our Knoxville mattress store, is not only to be able to answer your questions about mattress construction but also to be able to match you with the perfect mattress. One that will give you the same great night’s sleep several years down the road from the day we first delivered your new mattress.

We Work with You

One of the reasons we have been voted one of the best mattress stores in Knoxville is our sales team. We like to call them our “Sleep Experts,” and for good reason. Along with learning about the various manufacturers whose mattresses we sell and their particular construction techniques, the Sleep Experts in our Knoxville mattress store learn about the many different sleep needs and habits. They learn about the different levels of firmness and how they affect the way in which you sleep and the quality of the sleep you get.

Remember, no matter which Knoxville mattress store you step into, that while many carry the same brands, few have the depth of knowledge it takes to pair you with the perfect mattress. That is unless their sales people have spent hours learning about mattress construction and how they affect your body, your chances of visiting many of the mattress stores in town and going home with the right mattress rest somewhere between slim and none.

That’s not to say they don’t have at least some idea of what it takes to put you in the right mattress. Simply that they don’t invest the same amount of time and money we do in making sure our Sleep Experts can answer any questions you have and ask the right questions to ensure that the mattress you choose will give you years of great sleep. These are among the many reasons why we are the best mattress store in Knoxville and why we here at Bed’r Mattress can guarantee your sleep with our 100-night sleep guarantee.