You should buy your new mattress from a locally owned business! There are many reasons why
shopping at a locally owned knoxville mattress store is the best option. In fact, some of the most
important reasons are the simplest ones!

Local Business Owners Are Good At What They Do

Not only are you truly appreciated by a local business when you shop there, they care about the
products they make. When people like what they do, they are better at it! Simply put, if you shop
at a business that focuses on selling one product, they are more likely to produce a better product.
Don’t shop for your mattress at the same place that you shop for your tires or cereal, it just doesn’t
make sense!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Certainly we’ve all bought things online that we would have considered returning if it didn’t mean
a trip to the post office. Returning a mattress you bought online sounds like a lot to deal with!
Don’t get stuck with a major purchase you don’t love! Shop in person for your new mattress at a
Knoxville Bed’r Mattress store and you can sleep worry free with a 100 Night Guarantee!

Try Before You Buy

Committing to a new mattress that you will sleep on every single night for years is a big decision!
There is a lot more to consider than just a checklist of specifications and descriptions like other
products you might buy online. A new mattress is a very personal and individual decision! What
works for others might not work for you, let our sleep experts guide you!

Personal Service

It’s nice to feel taken care of! At every Bed’r Mattress store in Knoxville you don’t have to worry
about “being sold” anything. We are here to help make your mattress shopping experience fast and
easy. In fact, you can start right here with our mattress prescription and we’ll get to work for you
right away.

We love helping people sleep bed’r! Email us at!