You should try your new organic mattress in person before you buy! Don’t leave such an important purchase to the reviews of others; make the choice on your new organic mattress inside our store in Knoxville, Tennessee! At Simply Bed’r Organic Mattress Gallery our sleep professionals will help guide you to choices that suit you best! We stand behind every mattress we sell with a 100 Night Guarantee. If you don’t love your new mattress, you can swap it in for one that suits you bed’r! 

Organic Doesn’t Have to Mean Expensive

If you’re used to shopping for brand name products you know that some of what you pay for is overhead, advertising and other expenses that the big brands have. Bed’r Mattress is a trusted mattress company! We’ve been in business in Knoxville, Tennessee since 1992 and we design and manufacture our own natural and organic mattresses! You don’t have to spend big to get good quality products when you shop local at our Simply Bed’r – Organic Mattress Gallery!

Natural Sleep Experts That Can Help

Shopping for a mattress can be overwhelming! The natural sleep experts at Bed’r Mattress can narrow down your best options after just a few minutes of talking with you. We truly understand importance of clean sleep whether it’s to avoid toxins or ease allergies or support sustainability, we get it. In fact, did you know Essentia mattresses, sold at our organic mattress store, are biodegradable? We can help you lessen your carbon footprint with an organic mattress!

Making A Healthy Choice

Other mattress companies may offer an “easy” one size fits all mattress concept, but is this really best for you? For some people this over simplified decision may work out, but the risk to your health is real. We spend years of our life sleeping! Making sure that you get a healthful, quality night sleep is what our natural sleep experts are here to do!

Let Us Work For You

We love what we do! Let us get to work for you right now! Start by answering a few questions and get a personalized Mattress Prescription! We take personal pride in each mattress that we match with a customers needs.

We love helping people sleep bed’r! Email us at!