Knoxville’s health community is rapidly expanding, and Bed’r Mattress is part of it! With the opening of Simply Bed’r – Organic Mattress Gallery, Bed’r Mattress has become a destination for people of all ages who need clean, organic, allergy free sleep! From organic crib mattresses to king size mattresses, we have healthy sleep options for the whole family. 

Your Mattress Is Important

Your mattress can impact your health in ways you’ve maybe never realized. You spend one third of your life asleep; what you’re sleeping on is important!

Health Risks Of An Old Mattress

There are real risks to sleeping on an aging mattress. Allergies can be triggered by hidden dust mites, bacteria, and moisture, potentially leading to mold. Improper support can put you at risk for chronic aches and pains. Toxins from off gassing can disrupt your nervous system. 

Benefits Of An Organic Mattress

The good news is, when you’re sleeping on the right certified organic mattress, the benefits are significant! Sleeping in a clean air environment free of allergens and toxins allows your body to rest more deeply. A supportive sleep system allows for proper alignment of the spine which is vital to overall wellness.

Our Brands

Some of the cleaner, greener mattress brands we carry include:

Essentia®- Natural memory foam mattress made in a GOTS & GOLS certified organic factory

Nature’s Spa®- Luxury natural mattresses (as seen in Blackberry Farm)

Simply Bed’r – Natural hybrid mattresses (personally designed by our owner)

Miori – Organic pocketed coil mattress featuring a natural wool, silk and cashmere blend. 

Let us find the healthiest mattress for you! Visit Simply Bed’r, in West Town MallWe’re open Monday – Sunday! Call us at (865) 333-5727.