Our organic mattress store is the only one in Knoxville! You find the purest mattresses on the market at Simply Bed’r. We also have certified organic crib mattresses and pet beds! Many considerations went into our decision to dedicate an entire store to natural and organic sleep products. 

Changing With The Times

There was a time when there was a mattress store on every corner going down Kingston Pike. Many have since gone out of business while we’ve expanded. Since the day we opened our doors 28 years ago, one thing we’ve always done is put the customer first. We feel blessed to call Knoxville home for our family and our stores. We are so thankful for the feedback we receive, especially when it includes ways we can improve or needs we can help fulfill. One thing many customers have been asking for is a healthier sleep environment.

Accommodating Individual Needs

Everyone has the basic need for quality sleep. However, those managing chronic illnesses like cancer or auto-immune conditions may require a more pure sleep environment than a traditional mattress provides. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are reminded of the importance of avoiding toxins both during the day and at night. It is of the utmost importance to try to lessen toxins and chemical exposure while your body is actively in recovery mode during your sleep cycles.

Prevention Is Important

Often we encounter chemical exposure that we simply cannot control. Our sleep environment is one thing we can control and is of high impact. Research shows that preventing exposure on as early as in utero can bring a lifetime of benefits. The impact of chemical exposure on pregnant women and children is being researched more every day. Tracy Woodruff, PhD, MPH (Director of The University of California San Francisco’s Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment) states that “If you prevent the problem at the beginning, you get a lifetime of benefits,”. She offers more tips on simple changes you can make to lessen chemical exposures.

At Simply Bed’r, Organic Mattress Gallery, we are so pleased to provide natural and organic options for every budget. With free financing, referral incentives and our rewards program, there are affordable options for everyone to sleep in a cleaner environment.