Do I Need To Replace My Mattress After Water, Fire Or Mold Damage?

YES! Many times we when dealing with crisis such as flooding or house fires people try to salvage as many items as they can. Your mattress is one thing that you should never attempt to clean after being exposed to water, fire or mold damage. A mattress is a soft surface that can absorb odors, bacteria, toxins, moisture and more. Mold Drs. USA recommends that you be very cautious with clean up.  Some companies offer to clean items that they really shouldn’t, possibly endangering your health.

“We can take care of water, fire or mold damage on the interior of the home and get indoor air quality to a safe level. However some items, like mattresses, will almost always need to be replaced. Being ACAC and ICRC certified, we operate by stringent practices. We often warn customers that some companies may offer to clean items that truly cannot be done sufficiently.” – Ashley Akers, Mold Doctors USA

How Do I Know For Sure My Indoor Air Quality Safe?

If you’re concerned about the quality of your indoor air quality, consider having it tested by a licensed professional. Be sure to check the qualifications of anyone you let into your home. You’ll want to be sure they are licensed to do the work they are offering to do for you. In the Knoxville area, Best Choice Inspections is a trusted home inspection company. They offer mold inspections including both air testing and surface testing. In addition, Best Choice Inspections offer VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) testing, this may be important to you if you are trying to lessen chemical exposure.

How Can I Get My Bedroom Air Cleaner?

We always recommend a good quality air filter. Another thing to consider is adding a HEPA air purifier in the bedroom. Often, traditional mattresses contain synthetic materials that may cause reactions in sensitive populations. A certified organic mattress will help protect you from chemical exposure while you sleep.  Shop our organic mattress gallery, Simply Bed’r in West Town Mall for healthy sleep options for the whole family. We even have organic crib mattresses and pet beds!