Does it matter where you buy your mattress? YES! Here are 5 reasons why choosing your locally owned Bed’r Mattress store is the best choice you can make.

Better Materials

When you shop at a large chain, for any product, it is unlikely that you’ll be getting the best quality materials available. The items on their shelves are mostly mass-produced for maximum profit, not longevity. At your Knoxville Bed’r Mattress store, it is quite the opposite! We hand select the materials that go into our custom-built mattress designs. It is of the utmost importance to us that we stand behind the quality of every mattress on our floor.

Work With An Expert

Think for a moment that you were going to go out for pizza. Would you expect the best pizza to be at a restaurant that serves all types of food or a specialty pizza shop? Probably the pizza shop, who makes pizza all day, would know what they are doing. It’s the same at our Knoxville mattress store. We help people sleep better, that is all we do! Your locally owned Bed’r Mattress is staffed by people who love what they do and are true experts in the field of sleep. We’ve been in business since 1991!

Better Prices

At your locally owned Bed’r Mattress, we always have a sale! You won’t find a better value anywhere else. We don’t mark our products up just to mark them down like the big box stores. We truly offer the best products at the best prices.

Exclusive Products

Many of the products we carry are ONLY available at our Knoxville mattress stores. For example, everything in the Bed’r Mattress brand is only found at Bed’r Mattress. We personally design and oversee production of these Tennessee Handcrafted products. We even back some of them with a Forever Warranty

People You Can Trust

This one is very important. Take a look at our 5-star reviews to get a better understanding of how we treat each and every customer. Not only that, we also trust our manufacturers. Without them, we couldn’t stand behind our products as proudly as we do. Go behind the scenes with us as we visit our East Tennessee manufacturer to get an idea of how important these community relationships are to us. 

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