An adjustable base offers a long list of potential health benefits. We’re excited to announce the Recharge Base by Bed’r Mattress is now available! We did a fun video showing just how powerful the Anti-Snore feature is, check it out. 

We gathered all the features of an adjustable base that we loved and put it into the Recharge Base. Exclusively available at Bed’r Mattress you won’t find this adjustable base anywhere else. 

Remote Options

We put 9 essential buttons on the wireless remote!

  • Anti-Snore button to quickly elevate the head to reduce snoring
  • Zero-Gravity button to relieve pressure points with a weightless Zero Gravity experience.
  • 2 Programmable Memory Preset buttons enable you to store your favorite positions
  • Flat Position button quickly brings the base back to the flat position
  • Head Elevation button will raise or lower the head with whisper-quiet motors
  • Foot Elevation button will raise or lower the legs with whisper-quiet motors

Adjustable Base Features

USB ports are essential these days! We put two USB ports on the Recharge Adjustable base! It has a 700-pound weight capacity and six height-adjusting legs. We gave it a modern clean look with premium charcoal grey fabric. It is also platform bed compatible!

Long Warranty

Shopping for a mattress or an adjustable base might not be your ideal way to spend a Saturday, so we make sure to make your purchase last! The Recharge Adjustable Base comes with a 20-year warranty. 

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