NEW PRODUCT! One of our favorite brands, Essentia® has launched two new incredible mattresses! The Classic REM5 Organic Mattress and the Dormeuse REM9 Organic Mattress both have options for customization that include an 8” or 10” profile, soft, medium, or firm comfort level, and EMF blocking technology. 

The only place to try an Essentia mattress in person, is at our locally owned Bed’r Mattress stores. You can also purchase them online (with free shipping) at 

EMF Protection Foam

With both the Classic REM5 and the Dormeuse REM9 there is an option to upgrade to EMF Protection Foam. This groundbreaking technology is not only exciting but also extremely relevant to health and wellness.  

Electromagnetic frequencies are almost impossible to avoid. From microwaves to cell phones, we live our lives surrounded by these waves. They have the ability to directly affect blood cells and how they flow throughout the body. The potential for EMFs to disrupt your sleep cycle is real. The brain needs oxygen to properly cycle through sleep. An abundance of EMFs in your bedroom can interfere with your body’s ability to get the recovery that it requires. Essentia’s EMF Protection Foam mitigates the effects of EMF radiation allowing your blood cells to return to a natural free-flowing state. 

Classic REM5 Organic Mattress

Ultra adaptive organic latex foam offers support and relieves pressure points. The Classic REM5 allows for proper spinal alignment, a clean air environment, active cooling, and is allergy friendly. This mattress will sleep 5 degrees cooler, sustained over an 8 hour period!

Dormeuse REM9 Organic Mattress
Beyond Latex™ slow response organic foam with activated quartz contours to the body and offers pressure relief in the Dormeuse REM9 Organic Mattress. You can expect proper spinal alignment, rapid response foam, deep cooling, all in a clean air environment.

This luxurious mattress will sleep 9 degrees cooler, sustained over an 8 hour period! 

Both of these mattresses come with a 20 year warranty! Stop by and try them both at our Knoxville, Farragut, or Oak Ridge mattress stores. 

We love educating and talking about the power of sleep with our customers. There is loads of research that went into this new Essentia® design. We’d love to tell you more about them in person and answer any questions that you may have!

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