Local Business Gives $50,000 Back To Customers


Knoxville, Tn- Bed’r Mattress has been a well loved business in East Tennessee for many years.

Now, community members have even more reason to love this locally owned mattress store as

select customers have earned a full refund of their mattress purchase! That amounts to $50,000

that will be returned to customers.


Bed’r Mattress has run this type of sale once a year for 6 years now. On select purchases,

customers were provided the opportunity to receive a full refund if the football team won 11

games during the football season. And this year it happened! Checks are being cut this week and

making for some very happy customers.


This added a lot of excitement for both Bed’r Mattress employees and the customers enjoying

football season.


“This sale is something we started years ago in hopes to add some excitement with our customers

when shopping for a mattress with us. Knoxville bleeds orange, and when that football program is

rolling, like it is now, everybody around here is happy. Our thought has always been we enjoy

helping others pick out a mattress, they enjoy watching the football team win games, so let’s mesh

the two together into a promotion. Getting a brand new mattress for free doesn’t happen very often

so we are excited for every single customer and so grateful they gave us the opportunity to help

them find a Bed’r nights sleep. ” – Michael Thompson, Co-Owner


Bed’r Mattress is a local mattress store with all its 5 locations in East Tennessee. If you’re not local

to the area, you can purchase a Tennessee Handcrafted mattress online from